Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a class or complete level course cost?

You can try an OPCLC class for free. This will give you the ability to see what kind of material we offer, the convenient on-line platform and scoring. If you’re like most pet care professional, you will want to complete the entire level 1 (11 classes) to receive a certification (certificate, press kit, listing in directory and promoted on OPCLC’s social media). The entire level 1 or 2 (coming soon) is only $199.99 per person. Group Discounts are available. Click Here

How many classes are in each course?

This depends on course and material necessary. On average, each complete course is made up of 10 individual classes.

How long does each class take to complete?

For your conviencne and ease to implement into staff member’s training, each class is designed to take 45-60 minutes including testing.

Is there a time limit per class?

Yes. The time limit depends on the material. Although we hope the company will devote specific employee training time, we understand the nature of this business and that there will be occasions the training may be interrupted. Therefore we have built in extra time into each class for possible interruptions. Owners and managers will be notified if an employee goes over the time allocated.

Will a facility owner or manger know how well his/her staff members are doing?

Yes. Unlike any other industry training platform, owners and managers will receive emails letting them know if their employee has passed or failed a course. This email also includes their score.

Can students re-take a test?

Yes if a student has failed the minimum standard.

What is the minimum for passing?

This depends on the material but typically 80%.

What happens after someone successfully completes all classes within a course?

After successful completion, each student’s certificate will be automatically emailed to the manager or owner (previously registered). In addition, the owner or manager will receive access to the OPCLC logo which should prominently added to all marketing materials including your website.

How does certification help my company stand out to prospect clients?

In studies, pet parents have stated they feel better about leaving their pets in the care of people who have been certified by a credible, outside source. Additional benefits include…