OPCLC Certification

OPCLC Certificates provide a valuable credential that enhances an individual or company’s reputation. As individuals and companies work toward earning certificates, they will be among the ranks of leading industry professionals, expanding their knowledge with the most meaningful information possible.

Included in Certification

Professional Certification Press Kit

OPCLC Certification provides powerful credentials that enhance you and your company’s knowledge and reputation. To help you positively promote your educational success, we have included a professionally written press kit in addition to these other powerful and proven tools designed to positively impact your business:

  • Professionally written press release with guidelines for distribution.
  • OPCLC Certification Logo for prominent display on your facility’s website, social media pages, e-signatures, business cards, and company brochures. Click here for details.
  • OPCLC Certification Announcement for use in your social media campaigns.
  • Customized announcement for your company newsletter.

In order to be successful in the competitive pet care industry, you need to stand out from your competitors. With increased competition from national chains and pet sitters, an OPCLC Certification allows your company to do just that. This comprehensive Press Kit will help you communicate your commitment to pet safety and exceptional care.

OPCLC Directory

Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center will have an on-line directory that will help pet parents find a quality pet care facility with a highly trained staff. OPCLC has also hired one of the top PR consultants within the pet care industry to help pet parents understand that a quality pet care facility is almost always the best and safest option for their pets.

Free Trial

For those who have not previously certified and want to experience our training, use FREE to try one of the individual training classes for Free–a $19.95 Value. Or, use FREE to take $19.95 off of a complete course. Offers cannot be combined and are available for a limited time only.

Helps Pet Care Facility Owners

How Can Professional Pet Care Training Help My Business Succeed?

why_opcuPet care facility owners open pet care businesses because they are passionate about caring for pets. They often have a very special connection with pets and are prepared to take the real responsibility of caring for another’s pets.

With so many pet care choices today, you need help addressing real concerns of pet owners so they choose your care over your competition. Unfortunately, as a general rule, kennels don’t have a very positive reputation among the general pet parent population. According to recent surveys, only a very small percentage of pet parents have had their pet stay at a pet care facility. This is often due to lack of knowledge and/or false fears. Your existing clients know that a quality pet care facility is generally one of the best options for pets while their owner is away on vacation or just away for the day.

Increased competition from pet sitters and large national chains and the drop in travel have already taken a serious bite out of the industry. And the powerful resources amassed by online pet-sitting referral sites might represent another significant threat. These groups are targeting this industry with very negative and public statements about pet care facilities. This makes it essential to give prospective clients a way to let them know that you are superior to other pet care providers.

Impending legislation changes make the need for training, standards, and quality control absolutely essential to survive–especially in these economic times. Surveys of pet parents confirm that this comprehensive training will help prospective clients have greater confidence when choosing a pet care facility. There has never been a greater need for a strong central source of education, training and support.

Outstanding Pet Care Learn Center is dedicated to protecting and growing the Pet Care Industry through World-Class Pet Care Training and Education. Our curriculum

  • Delivers necessary pet care training in the convenience of your facility
  • Saves training, time and energy of owners and managers so they can focus on caring for the pets in their care and other important areas
  • Provides convenient, technically-advanced format for immediate access
  • Offers immediate on-line testing to give you assurance that the material was understood
  • Reduces potential injuries to your staff and guests
  • Can increase health and happiness of the pets in your care
  • Protects you, your staff, and your bottom line

To thrive in this industry, you need to deliver exceptional pet care. As a business owner, you likely have years of training and expertise that make you uniquely qualified to care for your customers’ pets. This training will help your staff deliver that same level of exceptional care. Learn more about our courses.

Helps Managers and Staff

Caring for pets is a privilege but one that carries great responsibility. Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center’s training can provide each staff member with necessary and comprehensive training to give them, the pet care facility owner, and pet parents extra confidence.

Thinking about Making a Career with Pets?

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

This training is sure to give you a leg up over others competing for a job or advancement.

Before this point there were very few ways that someone with the desire to enter the pet care industry could receive education. Now OPCLC provides a structured, researched and proven educational format to help you advance in the industry.

You may have done your research, planned and initiated the start of a new pet care business. Or maybe you are acquiring an existing business. Unless you have previously worked or trained specifically in a pet care facility, it’s impossible to fully anticipate the potential procedures, policies and occurrences that will arise in the day-to-day operation. Once you have obtained a necessary level of knowledge, you will need a program to educate your team. OPCLC will assist you better understand the needs of the business in order to provide quality pet care. Learn more about our courses.