Critical Industry Resources

Canine Bloat

  • What is Canine bloat (Gastric dilatation-volvulus)?
  • Causes of GDV
  • Signs and symptoms and treatments of GDV
  • Does bloating occur only at pet care facilities?

 Canine Cough

  • What is Canine Cough?
  • Where can dogs pick up Canine Cough?
  • Symptoms of Canine Cough
  • What to do if your dog develops Canine Cough?

Canine Flu

  • What is Canine Flu as well including different strains?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How does CIV spread?
  • Information on the vaccine and treatment

Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats

  • What is an upper respiratory infection in cats and how are they treated?
  • Do URIs occur only in pet care facilities?
  • Are these viruses a constant problem?
  • Can the pet care facility prevent my cat from being exposed to a URI?

Puppy Warts

  • What do puppy warts look like?
  • When and how do canines typically get puppy warts?
  • What should I do if my dog has puppy warts?
  • Are puppy warts contagious to humans?


  • Why is grooming or bathing so important to dog’s well-being?
  • Details on odor, anal glands, scratching and more
  • How to help your pet cooperate with the grooming process
  • Should cats be groomed?

Dog Daycare

  • What is Dog Daycare and is it right for my dog?
  • Why does cost vary so much among different facilities?
  • Important factors to consider when choosing a day care facility
  • Essential questions to ask

Successfully Lodging your Dog

  • Advantages of lodging your dog at a quality pet care facility
  • How to select a lodging facility for your dog
  • Why vaccination requirements are so important
  • How to best acclimate your dog back home

Successfully Lodging your Cat

  • How to arrange lodging for your cat, what’s most important when choosing pet care?
  • What level of staff training you should look for?
  • Facts to consider including how cats adjust to a new surrounding
  • How to Provide the best experience for you cat?